Made It!

Just checked in to the hotel in Bangkok. Can’t believe we’ve actually made it, especially given the dramas of the past couple of days, Not least of which was……….

Getting caught on a speeding camera two days before departure. It’ll be interesting to see how that’s followed up!

Having to get the AA out to the car which wouldn’t start whilst the guy who’s buying it is en-route from Devon. Thank God for Caveat Emptor/Buyer Beware

Putting unleaded petrol in the diesel hire van and having to flush out and refill the fuel tank before returning it

Dropping a pair of glasses in the Garden Waste skip at the municipal tip and getting all and sundry involved in the (fortunately successful) search party

Discovering at the last minute that there’s too much stuff for too little storage and having your prayers answered by a friend calling round who happens to need the very things that you can’t fit in

Getting a police escort to Gatwick Airport (off-duty of course!)



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