Slow train to Sukhothai

Question: How long’s the journey? Answer: I’ll tell you when we get there!

Up at 5:00 a.m. to meet at the Stray Asia office before catching the train to Sukhothai. The train gave us our first experience of squat toilets and spray guns (I’ll leave the technique to your imagination!).

‘Look for the ancient temple populated by monkeys’ said Simon, our guide, as we pulled out of Bangkok, we should see it in 10-15 minutes. Two hours later we passed it. I wonder how long you have to be a traveller before you lose track of time?

As expected we’re the oldest in the group by a good few years. Everyone is staying in twin or triple rooms (with fan!) at the Old City Guest House apart from us. We’ve gone for the Ruen Thai with a/c, swimming pool, room service etc. Being old has it’s advantages!

Postscript: Arrived at Sukhothai at 4.30 pm, two hours behind schedule (or was it?)

1 comment
  1. Gordon said:

    OMG, are you even in South East Asia…… Can’t belive its taken you a week to try the sqat toilets 🙂 but a cultural experence it is!!

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