A Day Spent In Mae Rim

Today we headed off to a place called Mae Rim, north west of Chiang Mai. After an early start, progress was halted when the scooter got a puncture. We pulled over to the side of the road and after an initial ‘oh shit’ moment, we spotted a Honda dealership on the other side of the dual carriageway.

Do you speak English? I asked the receptionist. ‘A little’ she replied.

I pointed at the scooter and said ‘my scooter has a flat tyre’.

‘So you want to buy new car?’

Full marks for spotting the sales opportunity but not quite the answer I was hoping for!

Fortunately, a few hundred yards down the road, was a bike mechanics . The sort of place that has half a dozen bikes in various stages of being stripped down and reassembled, and a set of tools for every eventuality. Needless to say within ten minutes we were back on the road

Mae Rim is an area full of natural attractions, some more so than others (more on that later). We headed for the Mae Sa waterfalls where you can walk up a riverside path to a series of eight waterfalls.

The only pool you can swim in is at the foot of waterfall 5 which provides welcome respite from the heat

After another roadside lunch we headed off to the Botanical Gardens, the highlight of which was the fern garden which is the closest we’ve come so far to a tropical jungle. The paths were carpeted in moss and the trees and ferns were full of authentic jungle sounds (or maybe it was a just a CD – available in the garden shop at ‘Special Price for you’!)


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