The Other Side of Mae Rim

As you head up towards Mae Rim it soon becomes clear that this is the area for ‘natural’ attractions

First you pass Tiger Kingdom where it’s rumoured that the tigers are drugged to make them docile. Next you see the Monkey Centre and Monkey School where we saw a monkey being held on a chain outside the entrance. After that you’ve got the Snake Farm where the snakes and other reptiles are allegedly kept in small, cramped cages and given minimal care. Then you pass the crocodile show where there are also allegations of mistreatment

Finally you have the elephant village. We didn’t visit but were able to see some of the animals from the roadside. At first glance you see them as the majestic animals they are, then you look a bit closer and see the chains around their ankles

Even after the trip to the waterfalls and the Botanical Gardens you’re left with the feeling that this is a pretty depressing and upsetting place


  1. Hita Mashru said:

    Hello guys I am loving reading your blogs.It,s nice to get a true reflection of life behind the tourist bits of just how sad and cruel life can be around those parts of the world.
    It,s great that you are getting around and enjoying your travels.

    Look forward to more fantastic pics and comments.lots of love.
    Hita xxx

  2. Oh …I responded to your post on DP Review …I would have to say that it is much “less depressing” when you actually go in and wander around. Yes, many elephants are chained, but all in all they treat the elephants very well in Maesa …at least relative to other places. It’s ashame, but on the other side of the coin …all these elephants would probably be dead in the camp wasn’t there …you have to see the elephants getting baths in the river, being fed, and just playing. It’s sad yet great at the same time. Unfortunately the world and humans are moving towards extinction of any and all wild animals …ashame.


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