White Water Rafting

This morning we went white water rafting north of Chiang Mai. We booked through a company called Peak Adventures and after being picked up at the hotel we were taken to the office to meet the rest of the party which consisted of two German adrenaline junkies and six girls in their early twenties who’d been out partying to the early hours of the morning. An hour into the journey we’d already had two unscheduled stops so that a couple of the girls could throw up? Travel sickness? I don’t think so!

The white water rafting took place on Maetang river. In the wet season the river runs a torrent and the rafting takes about an hour. Today the water level was pretty low meaning that the descent would be much more leisurely. That said, we were still taken through the full safety briefing and told what to do in the event that one of us got thrown from the raft.

Thankfully everyone was paying attention as halfway down the river one of the girls in our boat flew out, lost her paddle, disappeared under the water and resurfaced just before hitting her head on one of the rocks. Fortunately she was quickly hauled into one of the other boats, her paddled recovered and, other than a few bumps and bruises, was no worse for wear. Exciting stuff!

and this is where you fall out!




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