The other day in Pai we stumbled across a school sports day at which teams competed at football (soccer), volleyball, pétanque and a game called Takraw which is the game of ‘keepy uppy’ taken to a different level.

Basic rules and scoring are similar to volleyball. Each team is allowed a maximum of three touches of the ball to get it back over the net to the other side without letting it touch the ground. The big difference is that the ball can’t be touched by the hand or arm

At the highest level this makes for some spectacular rallies with the top players demonstrating amazing agility and technique. Even at village level they’re not too shabby!


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  1. heather quin said:

    loving your photos and commentary looks like you’re having a great adventure. Tubing looks a little risky, maybe we could do something similar on the river Adur, Crown and Anchor, Bridge then up the river to Bramber, or not !!. You’re not missing anything here, weather is crap, market is too. Keep on blogging and travelling, miss you xxx

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