This place is Laosy!

Accommodation in Laos during the New Year festivities is, not surprisingly, hard to come by, so when we got to Luang Prabang we were grateful to be told we had a room in Sokdee Guest House in the old quarter.

First impressions however, are often correct and the fact that the room looked like a cross between a Swedish sauna and a prison cell wasn’t far wrong. Cellmates consisted of flies, ants and mosquitoes and a gecko who was doing his best to keep the others in check.

The mosquito grille was held in place by a mixture of sticky tape and toilet roll and the door only opened and closed with maximum force

The ‘cleaning the house’ bit of the Laos New Year clearly hadn’t been put in to practice, the sink emptied straight onto the bathroom floor and there was nowhere to hang the shower head which in any event only provided us with cold water. Each morning we examined the BPN (Bites Per Night) with 22 being the highest recorded count

Needless to say as soon as the New Year celebrations had come to an end we checked out and headed off to My Dream Boutique Resort. Would it turn out to be a dream or a nightmare?

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