Taking the Tube aka Drink Triple, See Double, Act Single

Tubing, on the face of it, couldn’t be more serene. Sitting in an inner tube and floating down the Nam Song river in the afternoon sunshine. Add in bucket-loads (literally) of alcohol however and it becomes a different story

Here’s how it works. Head into the centre of town to get your tubing outfit (vest, shorts and waterproof wallet) and your tube, jump on a tuk-tuk and head 3 km up river to the start point.

First stop is one of the riverside bars. The traditional welcome is a good luck bracelet tied around your wrist followed by a shot of the local whisky after which you’re free to choose your own poison (typically a bucket full of vodka and Red Bull) and start partying. Once you’ve finished your bucket, you jump in your tube and as you float downstream you get dragged by a rope into bar after bar for yet more of the same

5:00 p.m. is the cut-off by which time you should have made it down the river. After a short tuk-tuk ride back to town you’re free to carry on drinking and partying until the early hours of the morning, catch a few hours sleep and do it all again the following day

A word of caution though, tubing is entirely unregulated and not recommended by any of the tour guides or guidebooks. Even more sobering is the fact that, in 2011 alone, 27 people met their untimely deaths at the zip lines, water slides and jumping points along the river.

Check out this article for a more detailed account of how tubing has transformed Vang Vieng



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  1. Doeborah said:

    Hello, haw are you? Here is Deborah from Brasil do you remember?
    We are in Lao to, now stay in Vientiane, 2 days before We were in Vanvieng also. 🙂
    Enjoy e take care
    Where are you now?
    Kisses for you and Kate
    Deborah e Tommy

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