The Secret War 2

A key part of MAG’s role is to train local personnel so that they can identify and make safe UXO in their own communities. The following is a clip from an award winning documentary called ‘Bomb Harvest’

We watched the full 90 minute documentary today. It illustrates, in detail, the vital work carried out by MAG.

The following synopsis is taken from

‘A huge live bomb is found behind a village school and straight-talking, laconic Australian bomb disposal specialist Laith Stevens arrives to check it out. He’s in the process of training a new ‘big bomb’ team, so reluctantly leaves the bomb’s disposal until the team is up to the task. Reluctant, because rural poverty has triggered a brisk illegal trade in bomb scrap metal and the local children are out hunting for bombs.

In order to find the right person to deal with the very dangerous bomb behind the school, Laith will take his team of fledgling bomb disposal specialists down to a remote area of the Ho Chi Minh Trail where they will test their new skills on live bombs for the first time.

With the Lao ability to find the humour in horrific circumstances, Laith uses his larrikin jokes and can-do attitude to bond with the team and local villagers in order to get them through this harrowing task alive.

But will they get back to the bomb behind the school in time?

Bomb Harvest vividly depicts the consequences of war and the unimaginable bravery of those trying to clear up the mess. It takes us into a post-apocalyptic world that reminds us of what is to come from the wars of today’

Both Cope and MAG are doing incredible work and it’s been an honour and a privilege to meet some of the individuals involved with the organisations

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