The Last Supper

As we were going to be ‘on the road’ and ‘off the beaten track’ for the next 5 days we decided to treat ourselves to a decent meal on our last night in Vientiane.

We found a French restaurant near our hotel where we had Steak Frites followed by Crepe Suzette and, most indulgent of all, a carafe of wine, the first we’d had since leaving home some eight weeks previously. I don’t think food or wine has ever tasted so good!

Next day was a six hour drive to Tad Leuk waterfalls in Phou Khao Khouay National Park where we were due to camp by the waterfalls. The scenery was stunning and sitting under the waterfalls was a great way of washing away the six hours spent on the bus.

We’d stopped off en-route to buy some food which we were told would be cooked for us that evening by the park rangers. Somehow they succeeded, without gas or electricity, and a plentiful supply of Beerlaos meant that we were fed and watered and ready to get our heads down by 9 p.m.

Heavy rain meant that rather than sleeping under canvas we had to sleep under cover in the Visitor Centre. On the face of it this sounded preferable to a tent however spending the night on a concrete floor with 18 others (including several loud snorers!) together with the threat of deadly snakes, left us feeling ill-prepared for the following day’s 5 hour journey to Kong Lor


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  1. Hita said:

    Hello guys thanks for your lovely message it’s good to know you care despite being on your adventures I,m very lucky to be surrounded by good mates. You guys seem to be having a real lifetime adventure,which I am loving following with great envy,ESP as weather here has been nothing short of the most misreble April ever!

    Gad to hear you have finally enjoyed some booze but the detox must have done you some good!

    Await more fascinating blogs. Xxx

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