Street Life

Phnom Penh is little different to any of the the other large towns and cities that we’ve visited in SE Asia in that life is lived on the streets (even when it rains and boy does it rain!)

Tuk-tuks, scooters and street vendors all play their part in the frenetic daily life of the city. It’s impossible to walk more than a few yards without a chorus of ‘tuk-tuk’ from drivers eager to ferry you from one place to another. Scooters weave in and out of the traffic sometimes with as many as 5 people on board and street vendors peddle anything from books and DVDs to street food and lottery tickets

All this activity gives the city a buzz and a vibrancy and demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit and an intoxicating optimism about the future that would have seemed impossible thirty-five years ago

and when there’s nothing else to do, what better than a game of Flip Flop pétanque?


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