Down by the Riverside

On our way to Kanchanaburi and the Bridge Over The River Kwai we stopped off at a place called Nathon Chai Si where we stayed at a place called the Hidden Holiday House. Sure enough the place was aptly named as we had our usual challenge finding it. The big appeal was not so much sightseeing as staying on the banks of the river and experiencing life in a Thai village

Each morning around 5:30 a.m. loudspeakers dotted around the countryside broadcast the market prices and local news. Fortunately the one nearest the guesthouse mysteriously stopped working some time ago and has yet to be repaired. That said an early rise is rewarded with a fabulous sunrise

The market is a hive of activity with all sorts of fresh produce for sale. For once we were the only tourists in sight!

Each day follows a similar weather pattern with clear blue skies gradually clouding over in the middle of the afternoon followed by a heavy downpour around 5:00 p.m. Rather than being an inconvenience, the rain cools the temperature nicely making the evenings much more bearable as well as providing the opportunity for the locals to practice their 'Singing in the Rain' skills!


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