One Night in Bangkok

Whilst Bangkok has changed little in the time that we've been away our view of it has changed significantly. Culture shock has been replaced with curiosity as our experiences over the last three months have given much more confidence in our ability to deal with lots of different scenarios

Whilst we're yet to fall in love with Bangkok it's growing on us. Navigating our way around the city and deciding on the best mode of transport has become second nature and we've become much more adept at haggling as we now have some idea of what things cost

Bangkok remains something of an enigma with multiple residential and commercial building projects dotted throughout the affluent areas of the city. Much of the labour is provided by migrant workers brought in from outside the city and is made up of men and women in more or less equal numbers with the women working every bit as hard if not harder than the men. Other areas are dirty, smelly and squalid with no sign of any attempts to improve them

A trip on the Skytrain and a visit to Siam Paragon is a further reminder that Bangkok is very much a city of contrasts. It's almost certain that you'll pass beggars on the walkways leading to the king of malls where every luxury brand is represented including Lamborghinis and Bentleys on the second floor

We're due to visit Bangkok at least once more before we head home. It'll be interesting to see if our impressions change yet again


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