Kuala Lumpur

Like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur is a city of contrasts, perhaps more so as religion gets thrown into the mix alongside the have's and have-nots. What also strikes you is the multi-ethnicity of the city. As travellers this adds to the appeal of the city as this is reflected in the architecture, fashion and food of the city

Embracing our new found confidence we decided not to book our first nights accommodation and headed to Chinatown, described In the guide-books as 'vibrant and lively'. What we found was an almost impenetrable maze of market stalls with hotels and hostels tucked down alleyways. Not a problem to these seasoned travellers we thought until we began to discover that everywhere was fully booked! After a couple of hours of wandering the streets we stopped for a 'refreshment' break and met up with a local guy called Angus.

A couple of beers later we headed off on our search again and finally found a room just before midnight. By way of celebration we headed back to the bar we were in earlier where Angus was still in residence. After a couple more beers we crossed the road for a game of pool in the local snooker/pool hall which advertised itself on the outside with huge photos of various UK snooker players including Ronnie O'Sullivan playing both right-handed and left-handed which goes to show how closely they follow the game.

I'm pleased to report that we both beat Angus! Even more exciting was the prospect of playing golf with him on a course just outside KL, sadly this didn't happen, I guess he was still smarting from his defeat on the pool table!

KL is home to the Petronas Towers and the KL Tower which dominate the skyline. We had thought about taking a trip up to the viewing platform between the two Petronas towers but when we discovered it was expensive and only spanned the towers half way up we decided not to bother.

After 3 months of travelling we've yet to see the sea! Next stop will be the East Coast of Malaysia, its islands are renowned for their beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. We can't wait!


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