Beached Out

The Perhentian Islands are renowned for the quality of the diving and snorkelling, in fact the water is so clear and the marine life so abundant that there's almost no reason to choose diving over snorkelling. We took two snorkelling trips, one with 'Tommy' and one with 'Matts'
The trip with Tommy turned out to be as much about the 'craic' as the snorkelling and we had a great time topped off with barbecued kingfish on the beach. The trip with Matts was all about the marine life and we finally got to see some sharks and turtles!
Nowhere is quite perfect however and the island was not without it's drawbacks
  • Having to change rooms four times in the space of a week because of leaking showers and flooded bathrooms
  • Paper thin walls in the chalets which mean you heard everything your neighbours were doing (!) as well as being woken up by the walkways being swept of sand every morning before 7:00 a.m.
  • An island-wide failure to cook a runny egg, although this was finally addressed on our last day with an almost perfect poached egg on toast
  • The 'best' restaurant on the beach failing to get our order right on their new 'state of the art' till system. Last night they failed to charge for a beef curry (good) but added 4 extra beers (bad)
  • Enjoying the free movie on the restaurant's big screen until the DVD crashed 5 minutes before the end as the plot was reaching its climax. Anyone know the ending to Disturbia?

None of these were major issues however and a more generous view would be to say that they add to the charm of the place. Island life has been great fun and the Perhentians have been a great place to chill-out for a while

Our next stop is the Cameron Highlands in the north-west of Malaysia, most famous, or more accurately infamous, as being the area where Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk magnate, famously went missing in 1967. Fingers crossed the same thing doesn't happen to us!


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