House Sitting Assignment No.1

We thoroughly enjoyed our first house-sitting assignment. Luke and Sue were more than generous as clients and Finn (dog), Len (cat) and the fish were very easy to look after. Their house is one of the very desirable 'Black and White' houses, built many years ago when Singapore was a British colony

The two nights we spent with Luke and Sue at the start and end of our week left us with major hangovers, especially the last one when we shared a bottle of Kweichow Moutai, a Chinese liquor that is usually drunk on celebratory occasions. The warning signs were plain to see as the glasses that came with the drink were little more than thimbles. The taste was a cross between soy sauce and petrol, it gave a burning sensation all the way down your throat and left its taste in your mouth for most of the following day. Add the fact that the alcohol content is 53% and it's no wonder that drinking it becomes more a question of daring rather than pleasure. Despite this, or because of it, a bottle costs around £200! The manufacturer has the fourth highest brand value in the world, sitting just above Mercedes Benz and Chanel, clearly somebody, somewhere likes it a lot!

We thought about trying to get a family photo as a memento but trying to get Luke, Sue, their two girls Maya and Fran, and Finn and Len to keep still for more than two minutes to have their photo taken would have been an impossibility!

Let's hope we get the opportunity to house-sit again as it's a great way to experience a home-from-home and to meet and get to know people who live and work in the local community


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  1. House Sitters said:

    As i can see you both got very good experiences and did well.

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